Top 5 Road Trip Destinations

Sometimes it’s the journey, sometimes it’s the destination—and sometimes, it’s both. We take a look at the world’s most beautiful, interesting, and off-beat road trips, which will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget, so weather you are travelling with friends, family or on your own, make sure you take a look at this list before making a decision on where to go!

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Heres 5 of the best road tripping destinations in the world!


Amalfi Coast, Italy.

The Costiera Amalfitana, or Amalfi Coast, is widely considered Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline, a landscape of towering bluffs, pastel-hued villages terraced into hillsides, precipitous corniche roads, luxuriant gardens, and expansive vistas over turquoise waters and green-swathed mountains. Deemed by UNESCO “an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values,” the coast was awarded a coveted spot on the World Heritage list in 1997.



Back Roads of Provence, France

Just about every village in Provence boasts its own workshops and boutiques dedicated to the local specialty, so a leisurely four-day drive through southern France offers the ultimate souvenir crawl. You can stop and start anywhere along the route. While you’ll be taking in all the classic craft towns, don’t call the circuit a shopping trip. You’ll also be sampling a quintessential slice of Provence, as the two-lane rural back roads wind past olive groves, cherry orchards, vineyards, and the stony medieval hilltop towns.


Cornwall, England

With its whitewashed seaside villages and greener-than-green countryside dotted with Celtic ruins, the Cornish peninsula is a hybrid of historical attractions and natural beauty. From its subtropical gardens to its steep cliffs that cascade into the Atlantic, Cornwall has an island feel, and is, in fact, almost an island, nearly separated from the rest of Britain by the Tamar River.


New Zealand’s North Island

Boasting some of the most varied and rugged landscapes on Earth, New Zealand has long been a source of adventure. In addition, its eclectic Polynesian and European heritage makes it a remarkable centre of culture and history. Given New Zealand’s varied attributes, it is little wonder it was the pick of Kiwi Peter Jackson as the stand-in for Middle-Earth in his film adaptation of the Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogy.



The Olympic Peninsula, Washington

The snow-topped peaks of the Olympics are a mercurial sight from Seattle, vanishing in fog and rain only to reappear again when the skies clear. First explored by non-natives only in 1890, when a Seattle newspaper sent an expedition across Puget Sound to do so, the Olympics and their peninsula of 3,600 square miles (9,324 square kilometres) are still surprisingly, romantically wild. Even now no roads traverse the interior, which remains a redoubt of elk and old-growth forest, protected by Olympic National Park and the rugged, saw-toothed peaks of the Olympic Range.