Tips for booking hotels

Choosing a hotel can be a difficult task, and is it will be your place of refuge when abroad, it is important to get it right! There are a number of things to consider when booking your hotel and we have a few helpful tips to ensure you get the best deal for your money. Airport Car Hire provides a free service which compares thousands of hotels in your destination at no extra charge.


Make a list of what you want from your hotel.

Consider the amenities that you want to enjoy while staying in the establishment. This may include room service, restaurants or entertainment options on the grounds, a swimming pool or exercise room or even valet service. Knowing what amenities you want at your disposal during your stay will make it easier to rule certain hotels out. Our price comparison service provides you with a list of key amenities in a particular hotel, as well as an option to choose hotels in close proximity to places of interest.

Set a budget.

Unless you have an unlimited travel budget, it will be necessary to look for hotels that offer an average daily rate that is affordable. Our hotel price comparison facility makes it possible to narrow results based on price, allowing you to eliminate options that are outside your price range.

Choose hotel location wisely.

While a hotel may have an excellent daily or weekly rate, this is of little use if it is located far away from the sights and events you plan on taking in during the trip. Location is an important aspect of choosing a hotel when it comes to get getting around. However, if you are also renting a car with us, then location will not have as much of an impact, as transport is at hand 24/7.


Book online with us

The key tip when booking your hotel is to book online with Just click on the ‘Hotels’ tab on the top of the home page and filter your search based on the above points. We will compare the market for your chosen dates and bring you the top results to suit your every need, No more reaming through hundreds of websites trying to find prices, location, amenities, etc. We will do it all for you! You can also view past customer reviews to help you make our final decision. Visit our site now and get on your way to choosing the perfect hotel for you at the best possible price!





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