Be Wise This Winter with Airport Car Hire

Dare we say it, but the summer has officially come to an end, and although the weather still remains pretty good, we must not forget we are coming into the winter months! However, it’s not all doom and gloom, winter brings Christmas, time spent with family along with time off work and winter vacations!


As mentioned, winter is about time spent with family and in present times, many of us have family scattered across the globe. Therefore winter, for many, is full of travelling home or abroad to visit family members. For others, winter is simply another excuse to go on a vacation with a difference. Both genres of travel involve excessive planning and organisation coupled with copious amounts of excitement and anticipation. However, this can often lend to certain aspects of travelling falling at the wayside, car rental in particular.
During the busy winter period, it is more than ever important to organise car rental in advance. Airport Car Hire ensures that you avoid the rush and inconvenience of public transport or costly taxis. We will have your appropriate and cost effective car rental waiting for you when you land at your destination, ready for you to cruise home or to your accommodation. We compare the market for you and give you the best possible price from all the leading suppliers around the world, as well as full support along the way. This guarantees you are not faced with hidden charges, mixed up bookings and poor customer support.

Sixt, a car hire company, renowned for quality and service, and a company which is included on our price comparison website knows all about these recurring problems. Sixt manager in Baltic States, Arnis Jaudzems, points out:
“When planning the winter holidays abroad, people often leave choosing the vehicle for the time when the desired destination has already been reached. Our research shows that more than a third of holidaymakers who have rented a car for winter holidays abroad at least once have had some kind of difficulties. Mainly the problems appear because of the delayed reservation and not reading the rental terms and conditions properly. To avoid the unpleasant situations on holidays Sixt invites to make a timely reservation on the internet or chosen travel agency and get acquainted with the rental terms and conditions.’’

So get booking now for your winter travelling and put your mind at ease knowing that you are with Airport Car Hire and have a full support system to help you along the way. Our priority is that you feel comfortable using our service. Our safe and secure booking service ensures that you can book with confidence, and arrive at your destination with the knowledge that things will run smoothly. In the unlikely event that there may be any glitches or hiccups, we’re always here for back up at no extra charge.

Don’t take the risk of leaving your booking to the last minute or until you reach your destination, book with a company you can trust, Airport Car Hire. We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call us anytime on +353 23 888 3132.

Alternatively, check out our website:

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