Exploring by Car with Kids!

Many parents are travelling cross country with their kids these days via car! One of the most popular routes we see is from the UK to France. The spectacular views and abundance of things to do along the way, is what makes this route so appealing, however the options are endless. Having you own method of transport is ideal when abroad, especially when travelling with kids as public transport can be dangerous and stressful!


With Airport Car Hire, you can simply hop off the plane in London, jump in your car and head off to France. When it’s time to head home, drop your car off in your French Airport of choice! It’s as easy as that! Wherever you decide to explore, we have a car rental for you. Travel across the continent without having to worry about returning your car rental. With car rental from over 800 companies, in 174 countries in over 30,000 locations, the world is your oyster!


Airport Car Hire has an extensive selection of larger vehicles, which will give you and your children the comfort you desire while also leaving plenty of space for your luggage! We also provide car seats at great prices to ensure that your little ones are safe at all times, and give you the option to bring your own if you so wish.

Exploring by car gives you the freedom and flexibility you need when travelling with children. It also allows you to give children a change of scenery and keep them entertained, while visiting well known sights and areas of interest. Playgrounds are a free and convenient way of burning off energy while getting in some exercise! Why not give the kids a map, or get them to create their own before the journey? You can trace the route together and point out interesting landmarks so that they will have a sense of where they are going.

Stock up on plenty of snacks and drinks while travelling by car too! It is much more convenient and cheaper than stopping for nibbles. Colouring books and crayons, CD’s and small toys are a great way of keeping kids entertained between stops. Pack these into the car last, so they are easily accessible throughout your journey!

If you are thinking about touring by car with kids, be sure to check out our amazing offers. We will provide you with any help or support you may need and will be with you all the way!




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