Give yourself a break!

In the hectic world we live in, it is essential to take a break every now and again! We need to give our mind, as well as our bodies a chance to relax and more importantly, recover. We are often so caught up in our day-to-day routine and daily chores that we can lose touch with our bodies and not realise how physically and mentally exhausted we may actually be. So if you do one thing this summer, give yourself a break. Take the time off work and escape to a destination opposite from your norm. The most important thing is to keep your holiday as stress-free as possible. This will ensure that you get full benefit from being away, and you will feel like a new person post-break! So hop on a plane, then hop straight in a car from Airport Car Hire, drive to your accommodation and simply soak up your surroundings!



We recommend somewhere by the sea with plenty of sunshine. Breathing in the fresh sea air will do wonders for invigorating you. And because we use our senses to associate things, every time you hear or smell the ocean you will think of your holiday and should feel more invigorated. The sun can also have more benefits than just a glowing tan. It can help improve your mood as well as enable your body to use vitamin D more efficiently. Relax your mind, and leave the stresses of work behind. Physical fatigue can generally be alleviated with some rest and a good night’s sleep, and don’t be afraid to sleep in, however, mental exhaustion requires a longer recovery time. A holiday is the perfect way to do this. This will enable you think more clearly and be more productive upon your return to work.



Finally, take full advantage of your surroundings. Your car rental is ideal for hassle-free exploring. Delve beneath the surface of the country’s’ culture. Eat traditional food, visit magnificent sites, just enjoy every minute of it! As soon as you have decided on your destination, book your car rental with us and avail of the best prices on the market! Our car rental rates also includes all the following features such as collision damage waiver, third party liability protection, theft waiver, tax and VAT, airport fee, booking fee, credit card fee, placement fee, unlimited mileage, personal accident insurance, breakdown assistance, free cancellation and fantastic customer support. For a free quote! We are open 24 hours a day so call us anytime on +353 23 888 3132 or visit



Exploring by Car with Kids!

Many parents are travelling cross country with their kids these days via car! One of the most popular routes we see is from the UK to France. The spectacular views and abundance of things to do along the way, is what makes this route so appealing, however the options are endless. Having you own method of transport is ideal when abroad, especially when travelling with kids as public transport can be dangerous and stressful!


With Airport Car Hire, you can simply hop off the plane in London, jump in your car and head off to France. When it’s time to head home, drop your car off in your French Airport of choice! It’s as easy as that! Wherever you decide to explore, we have a car rental for you. Travel across the continent without having to worry about returning your car rental. With car rental from over 800 companies, in 174 countries in over 30,000 locations, the world is your oyster!


Airport Car Hire has an extensive selection of larger vehicles, which will give you and your children the comfort you desire while also leaving plenty of space for your luggage! We also provide car seats at great prices to ensure that your little ones are safe at all times, and give you the option to bring your own if you so wish.

Exploring by car gives you the freedom and flexibility you need when travelling with children. It also allows you to give children a change of scenery and keep them entertained, while visiting well known sights and areas of interest. Playgrounds are a free and convenient way of burning off energy while getting in some exercise! Why not give the kids a map, or get them to create their own before the journey? You can trace the route together and point out interesting landmarks so that they will have a sense of where they are going.

Stock up on plenty of snacks and drinks while travelling by car too! It is much more convenient and cheaper than stopping for nibbles. Colouring books and crayons, CD’s and small toys are a great way of keeping kids entertained between stops. Pack these into the car last, so they are easily accessible throughout your journey!

If you are thinking about touring by car with kids, be sure to check out our amazing offers. We will provide you with any help or support you may need and will be with you all the way!



Australia-Go the distance

Are you looking for a holiday of a life time, something completely different from the norm with plenty to keep you occupied? Then Australia is for most certainly for you. Although, for many, Australia seems out of reach, however, we assure you, that travelling the distance will be more than worth it! Don’t let distance turn you off, make it a three week stay and the journey won’t feel as lengthy. It’s simply a mere obstacle to the experience, up to now, you could only dream about!


There are some great deals around on flights and accommodation, so keep an ear out and book well in advance. As they say, travel is the only thing that costs money but makes you richer! Airport Car Hire understands that we are all keeping a tight hold of our money these days and looking for the best value around, that is why we compare hundreds of car rental companies from all over the world to bring you the best possible price. This ensures that your holiday fun fund is not affected!

With so much to do and see in Australia, travelling in your own car rental gives you the freedom to explore and discover the sights at your own pace. A car rental is also ideal if you are travelling overseas to visit family members, the convenience is invaluable! We have some excellent deals on car rental in Australia at the moment so be sure to check them out at


Need more convincing?

Here are 5 simple reasons why everyone needs to visit Australia!

For the landscape

The Australian landscape is extremely varied. The rainforests at the peak of Cape Tribulation are among the oldest in existence, while the red sands of the outback offer miles of untouched desert. The lush green acres of the state of Victoria and Tasmania show off forestry to rival the nearby islands of New Zealand.

For the beaches

The beaches of Australia are an obvious draw, with approximately 50,000 kilometres of coastline and more than 80% of the population living within 100km of the coast, Australians are all about the beach.

The world famous sands of Bondi and Coogie in Sydney are must see if you want to try your luck on a surfboard while ticking off your beach barbeque experience.

For the weather

Australia’s famously clear weather is probably one of the main reasons so many people want to visit the country and the sunny outlook seems to rub off on the local mind-set. Average temperatures in Sydney sit at around 26C in summer, while Perth rises as high as 30C.


For the outdoor activities

Australians love to be outside, and with the brilliant weather, who can blame them? Surfing is as synonymous with Australia as crocodiles and boomerangs, but it is not just the standard version Aussies are fond of, there is also windsurfing, kite surfing and even sand boarding.

Hiking, climbing or trekking the Blue Mountains just north of Sydney are popular choices with the adventurers, while water babies will enjoy white water rafting down the fierce rapids of the Tully River in the surrounds of ancient rainforest.

For the wildlife

Australian wildlife is a fascinating, feral law unto itself. Famously home to 10 of the world’s 11 most deadly species including the taipan snake, box jellyfish and funnel web spider, not to mention all those salt water crocodiles.

The country is also home to some of the cutest animals: koala bears, sugar gliders and bilbies will melt your heart. Then there are the just plain strange: echidna, cassowary and platypus, although our favourites are still the endlessly energetic kangaroos.

Don’t Let Hidden Car Hire Fees Drive you Around the Bend!

How many of you have found out the hard way about those nasty hidden fees when renting a car? There is nothing worse than receiving ‘surprise’ fees that you are not prepared for, especially when renting a car abroad. Your hard earned money should be spent on enjoying your holiday and not wasted on unnecessary tolls on your car rental. Every year, thousands of holidaymakers have problems with dodgy car rental firms, or just inflated prices. Don’t put yourself in a situation like this, where that holiday feeling won’t be long forgotten about!

There is one simple solution to this recurring problem, book with Airport Car Hire! We compare car hire from our network of 800 Car Rental Agents at 30,000 locations in 174 countries to bring you the cheapest car hire deals online from the best companies with the best cars. More importantly, all our rates are fully inclusive!

Full details are laid our very clearly for each customer so there will be no surprises or hidden costs! You simply just have to click on Rate Details under your quote for full terms and conditions on each vehicle.

So as well as finding you the best deal on the market, you only pay for what you want, and what you see is what you pay! Don’t take the risk, visit today to book your car rental with a company you can trust, with over 10 years’ experience!

See for yourself what our car rental quotes include:

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Breakdown assistance Included in price
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